milk shake Silver Shine Trio with 12 Effects Incredible Milk


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Amazing value 3 Pack with 12 Effects Incredible Milk

milk_shake® Silver Shine Shampoo: milk_shake® Silver Shine Shampoo combines the restructuring benefits of milk protein, vitamin-rich blueberries and violet pigment to brighten and neutralise unwanted yellow tones in blonde or grey hair.

Cleanses gently with its specific violet pigment, counteracting unwanted yellow or brassy tones in natural blond or bleached, grey or white hair. Gives hair shine, softness and vitality with its formula containing organic berry extracts and milk proteins. SLS and SLES free.

Please be advised that this product may stain surfaces, including skin. Rinse immediately to avoid any lasting stains.

milk_shake® Silver Shine Conditioner: Formulated with a specific pigment that neutralizes unwanted yellow, golden or brassy tones that are common in white, grey, blonde or lightened hair. Leaves hair conditioned, soft and full of vitality. Contains milk proteins, organic fruit extracts and Integrity 41® to condition the hair whilst maintaining the hair’s moisture balance and protecting hair colour. Paraben free.

milk_shake Incredible Milk Leave-In Treatment: The only hair fluid you will ever need. milk_shake Incredible Milk is a best-selling leave-in spray mask that is suitable for all hair types and has 12 hair transforming properties. The clever multi-tasker protects from harmful UV rays maintains colour repairs all hair types acts as a heat protector detangles and maintains style. The miracle treatment adds maximum shine to locks creates body and volume and controls frizz.

Included in the set:

  • milk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo
  • milk_shake Silver shine Conditioner
  • milk_shake Incredible Milk Leave-In Treatment

    Over $80 Value!


    What is the best blonde shampoo?

    Blonde hair, especially bleached blonde hair, is prone to breakage, damage, and dryness, and therefore requires a little extra care. Thankfully, there many fantastic shampoos on the market formulated particularly for blonde hair. So, which is the best?

    A good blonde shampoo should not strip hair of its moisture. Rather, a good blonde shampoo should be nourishing, hydrating, and keep brassiness at bay. That’s why we recommend opting for a purple/ anti-yellow shampoo with moisturising ingredients to keep your blonde looking bright and fresh, even for weeks after your hair appointment.

    Some brands we rate at Haircare Superstore include milk_shake, Nak Hair, Juuce, Fanola and 18 in 1 – these are not only deeply nourishing and leave hair feeling soft and smooth but are also fantastic for toning down any orange or yellow hues. For serious repair work, go for Olaplex, Davroe and CPR products – these are holy grail products for hair that’s on its last straw. Check out our blog all about the best purple shampoos for blondes to further boost the health of your luscious locks!


    How to tone hair at home

    Looking for a quick touch-up for the weekend and have no time for a hair appointment? No worries! It’s quick and easy to do a quick toning session in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking to give your hair just a subtle boost, a purple shampoo and conditioner works miracles for lightly subduing those nasty yellow and brassy tones blondes have the pleasure of experiencing. Here’s how to use these products for a quick blonde refresher!

    1. Dampen your hair. Alternatively, you can add purple shampoo to dry hair, but this leads to a greater risk of over-toning, especially if your hair is already very light. Over-toning is when a blue or purple tint remains stained into hair (unless you’re into it, then go for gold!). If you’re only needing a light radiance boost, damp hair is the way to go.
    2. Add a generous amount of purple shampoo and lather it up! Let this sit on your hair for a few minutes – the results come out better with a little heat, so it’s a great idea to do this step in the shower. Hair is naturally porous, and those follicles open right up when heated, allowing for more product to get through.
    3. Wash the purple shampoo out and have a quick glance at your strands – does the blonde look cleaner? Feel free to give them a round two with the shampoo if not!
    4. Otherwise, if your hair is looking more platinum than gold, then finish off with your favourite purple conditioner to lock in the effects – leave the conditioner in for a few minutes as well to amp up toning effect.

    Keep in mind that you can not lift out colours with purple shampoo or conditioner; however, they’re great at cancelling out yellowish tones. Now that your colour is right, get your style right with Haircare Superstore’s range of straighteners, curlers, and dryers.


    How to fix damaged bleached hair

    Bleach blonde hair never goes out of fashion, but it also comes at a cost – and that can be a heck of a lot of damage. While lightening hair is always fun, our hair can only take so much bleach before it snaps.

    Bleaching is a process that chemically strips the colour right out of your hair – afterwards, this leaves hair feeling dry and often looking a little frazzled. With the right routine and high-quality products, you can bring some life back into your hair. These are some must-haves if you “must have” blonde hair…

    1. A protein treatment – protein-rich hair treatments can work to strengthen and smooth hair strands, leading to shinier, silkier, and healthier hair.
    2. Olaplex Products – these are known for their patented ingredient which works to rebuild bonds in hair strands, preventing breakage and throwing your seriously damaged hair a much-needed lifeline.
    3. Purple/ Anti-yellow shampoo and conditioner – these are a must have for blondes wanting to cancel out any yellow pigment.

    Heat protection – you’ve already fried your hair chemically, so give it a shield against the physical heat used in heat styling and keep your hair healthier for longer.


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