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Clever Curl Cleanser Humid Duo


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The Clever Curl Cleanser and Humid Weather Gel Duo Pack is the perfect clean and locked in moisture pair!


  • Clever Curl Cleanser 450ml
  • Clever Curl Humid Weather Gel 450ml

The Clever Curl Cleanser is designed to work as a no-poo to gently clean and hydrate the hair and scalp with virtually no lather.


  • Completely saturate hair with warm water to open the cuticle.
  • Apply to hands and distribute evenly in palms and fingers before applying to hair and scalp.
  • Massage into scalp with fingertips to remove product, dirt and oils. Add more warm water and let it run right to the ends, scrunching as you go. This technique will gently clean the hair and help activate the curl.
  • Rinse out with lots of water, making sure not to remove too much water and leaving the hair saturated in preparation for conditioning.

Safe for coloured hair - 450ml

Clever Curl Humid Weather Gel is a unique gel that contains anti-humectant properties which work to provide a firm cast and seal and retain moisture in a hydrated curl. Works perfectly in a humid climate.


  • After your leave-in routine, apply to palms and distribute evenly using your preferred personal techniques such as; raking, praying hands.
  • For more accentuated curls gently scrunch hair to encourage stronger curls.
  • Let the gel sit until the cast is 100% dry. Allowing hair to dry naturally is best, however, if using a blow dryer ensure it is set to low heat and a diffuser is attached.
  • Using your hands scrunch out the crunch to reveal those glorious bouncy curls.


    Safe for coloured hair - 450ml

    Australian Made - Cruelty Free - Sulfate Free - Silicone Free


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