5 things to consider when choosing the best hair straightener for you

5 things to consider when choosing the best hair straightener for you - Haircare Superstore


Our guide to finding the best straightener for smooth and silky hair

Just like our hair varies in texture, length, colour and curls, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the best hair straightener. Fortunately, there are many options available these days. To make it easier for you to choose which hair straightener to buy, we’ve detailed the things to consider, from plate design and temperature control to practicality, price and, of course, aesthetics.


Is the straightening plate ideal for your hair?

When you’re looking for the best hair straightener for your hair, start with plate design – we’re talking about whether ceramic or titanium is better for your hair type and how wide the plate is.

Ceramic plates distribute the heat evenly, reducing the risk of damaging your hair with overheating, and are ideal for hair that doesn’t need a really high temperature to straighten out. For a smoother glide, deeper hydration and silky finish, ceramic plate straighteners are infused with the silicate mineral tourmaline, infrared lights, or even 24-carat gold, like the Evy Professional iQ-OneGlide 1” Hair Straightener.

Titanium straighteners are the other option. They can reach a higher temperature than ceramic, which is ideal for hair that is thick or that doesn’t take to straightening easily, but the high heat can also be more damaging.

Straightening plates also come in different widths, ranging from around 2.5cm to over 4cm. Wider plates make it easier to straighten thick or curly hair, and they can straighten fine hair quicker than slimmer plates, saving you time.  However, when it comes to styling, a slim plate can add fabulous curls and luscious beach waves.

Haircare tip: if you have thick, frizzy hair that would benefit from added hydration, start with a wide-plated, infused ceramic straightener and use it at a higher heat.



Can you control the temperature?

The best temperature for hair straightening depends on the type of hair you have and how often you use heating appliances on it. If you have fine hair, hair damaged from chemical processes such as colouring, or frequent heat application, you'll want to use your hair straightener at a lower temperature. On the other hand, if you have thick, coarse, or curly hair, you'll need a higher temperature setting for the smooth, straight results you’re after.

To help you get the temperature just right, go for a straightener with temperature control, so you can adjust it to suit your hair. There are many straighteners these days that come with digital temperature control, like the muk Style Stick 230-IR Wide Plate, which has a temperature range of 90-230 degrees Celsius. As a rule, 180 degrees is an optimal all-round temperature.

Haircare tip: start at a low temperature and gradually increase until you find the right temperature for you. You’ll reduce the risk of damaging your hair by over-heating.


Is my straightener for everyday use?
Is the straightener practical for everyday use? 

How you intend to use your hair straightener in everyday life will influence the added features you look for. Fortunately, with modern technology, hair straighteners these days can heat up in as little as 30seconds to help save you time and can come with a 3metre swivel cord to help you manoeuvre around with ease.

And you don’t need to stress about whether you turned off your straightener – choose one with an automatic shut-off feature, with the straightener going into sleep mode after 30 or 60 minutes of non-use. But if you’re taking it with you, make sure you look for a heat-proof bag to protect your straightener and other surfaces.

Haircare tip: if your straightener of choice doesn’t come with a heat-proof bag or matt, you can buy these separately; it’s a worthwhile investment.


How expensive is a good hair straigtener

How much does the hair straightener cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $170 to $350 for a salon-quality hair straightener, depending on the features necessary to you. But once you’re looking closer to the $300 price range, the differences are less obvious, and it may come down to your budget.

For example, the Evy hair straightener range is growing in popularity, and at an RRP of $299, the Evy Professional iQ-OneGlide 1.5” Hair Straightener rivals the better-known brands, such as the GHD Max Wide Plate Styler (RRP $320).

Haircare tip: we sell below RRP, so buying your hair straightener through Haircare Superstore saves you money, regardless of which straightener you choose.

Is the straightener aesthetically pleasing? 

Perhaps not as important as temperature control or price, but how your straightener looks and feels when you’re using it is still something to consider and could be the deciding factor. We recommend looking at how slim, bulky, or heavy the straightener feels in your hand when moving it around your head, especially if you’re considering a hair straightener with wider plates, as these can feel awkward.

And black is the standard colour, so if your looking for a straightener that's a little more appealing to the eye, check out the GlamPalm CLINIC Diamond White.

Haircare tip: it might be low on your priority list, but a straightener that feels comfortable to use – and is nice to look at – will make the task so much more enjoyable.


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