Colour your World with milk_shake Conditioning Direct Colour Range

Colour your World with milk_shake Conditioning Direct Colour Range - Haircare Superstore

Now cocktails aren’t just for after work with milk_shake’s hair colour cocktails!

milk_shake's Conditioning Direct Colours are an innovative and gentle temporary colouring range that colour and condition your hair. Available in 20 mixable shades, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to the amount of custom colour combinations, plus they’re 100% ammonia and peroxide free.

Combine your favourite milk_shake Conditioning Direct Colour with the ultimate conditioning treatment, milk_shake Whipped Cream Leave-In Foam, and create a milk_shake hair colour cocktail! Create everything from soft pastel tones with the colour cocktail system to intensely deep shades with just the direct colours. So if you’re looking for a temporary hair colour, or hair colour refresh that offers a convenient application, milk_shake's Conditioning Direct Colours are the perfect solution.



In the example above, we see the use of both the direct colour by itself and in a colour cocktail using the milk_shake Conditioning Direct Colour, Eggplant. The direct colour is used by itself at the roots to create the more intense root colour, and then the milk_shake hair colour cocktail is used in the mid to ends for softer and more pastel tones.

To create this look, start by prepping the hair using the milk_shake Deep Cleansing Shampoo to gently remove any product build up or other nasties that may be present on the hair. Next, using the direct colour by itself, apply the colour at the roots.

Then, grab the milk_shake hair colour cocktail, ensure it is at the ratio that you desire and completely mixed, and apply in the mid to ends. Ensure to massage and fully saturate every single strand of hair to create an all over colour. Ensure to blend the roots and mid colour for a more seamless transition of colour.

Leave on for your desired processing time, then thoroughly rinse with warm water until the water runs clear. Ensure to massage the scalp to help remove any colour build up on the scalp. On dark or more intense shades, it’s suggested to cleanse with a gentle cleanser.

Towel dry the hair and seal the deal with the milk_shake Leave-In Conditioner, to seal the hair cuticles for longer lasting colour. Then, dry and style the hair, and finally finish off with the milk_shake Lifestyling Let It Shine Glossy Spray for a shiny glossy finish.


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