We Love Curls... Top Tips and Products for Curly Girl Hair

We Love Curls... Top Tips and Products for Curly Girl Hair - Haircare Superstore

Hey there curly girl, did you know that there’s a super special and kind of secret method for looking after your curls, that’s loved by curly girls all around the world! It’s called the Curly Girl Method and it’s based on a book called Curly Girl: The Method by Lorraine Massey. Put simply, it’s all about using the right products and hair techniques (and avoiding all the wrong ones) to get the best curls of your life!

The method suggests to say goodbye to products and hair techniques that are harsh on your hair such as products with harsh and drying ingredients or hair techniques that are quite physically harsh on your hair. It means avoiding ingredients like sulphates, silicones, water insoluble and drying alcohol, and avoiding hair techniques such as high heat styling and brushing your curls.


Then it’s a matter of following 5 simple steps:

    1. Skip your shampoo and just use your conditioner (called the no-poo or co-wash method). Make sure you massage your conditioner into your hair well and rinse out fully once finished. A fave conditioner of ours for this step is Clever Curl Rich Conditioner.
      N.B. If you are like us and absolutely can’t go without shampooing, use a sulphate free shampoo like the Clever Curl Cleanser and only use it once a week or fortnight.

    2. Apply a conditioning leave in product. If your hair is fine, thin and has low porosity then we suggest opting for a lighter leave in. If your hair is coarse, thick and has high porosity then we suggest opting for a leave in that is on the heavier side.

    3. Style with gels and/or mousses. We’re currently loving using the Clever Curl Humid Weather Gel and Clever Curl Wonderfoam for this step.

    4. Towel dry off your hair by scrunching with a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt (but do not rub as this can damage your hair), then let your hair air dry or diffuse with a low heat (but only until it’s 80-90% dry so to not completely dry out your hair). Once your hair is dry, if it’s a bit on the crunchy side, make sure you scrunch out the crunch to soften and define your curls.

    5. Finally, once a week, give your hair a deep condition. One of our current faves is the Clever Curl Treatment.
      N.B. Like any new routine, sometimes there can be an adjustment period the method does suggest so make sure you give your hair a little bit of time to regulate and it may just unleash your best curls yet!

So if you’re ready to tame your mane and want to shop our full list of curly girl method products, check them out here!


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