Looking back at 2021 hair trends and hair predictions for 2022

Looking back at 2021 hair trends and hair predictions for 2022 - Haircare Superstore

Get set for the New Year with our tips for 2022’s hottest hair trends

This year’s hottest hair trends had something to suit everyone – from the fringe to the relaxed waves, and unruly curls to structured blunt lobs. And that’s just the cuts! We’re taking a look back at 2021 hair trends and our hair predictions for 2022. Get set to choose your own length and get back to basics with low maintenance colour.


2021 Hair Trends

Our favourite hair styles this year varied from loose and low maintenance, to sleek and structured.

Curtain bangs had a real moment this year. And we totally get it. Cut shorter in the middle and longer on the edges, curtain bangs cave into your cheekbones and really accentuate your eyes. This trend isn’t going anywhere either, so get set to sweep them out for a 70’s feel or glam them up with your hair pulled back.

Speaking of 70’s style, this year we embraced Farrah Fawcett waves for a relaxed, fun vibe. This big style was taken to the next level when paired with curtain bangs.

The trend for volume was a curly girl’s best friend this year as voluminous curls were in. Whether you added some layers to help give your curls some style without all the weight, or you kept the bulk and rocked it, curls of all sizes and textures were this season’s low maintenance style.

If you’re looking to give these looks a go at home, we have all the styling products you need to achieve your look and make it last!

At the other end of the maintenance spectrum was the blunt lob – this year’s top structured, sleek look. The mid-length blunt cut was the go-to for those with straight hair, adding a layer of glamour with shine sprays like the Nak Shine Mist Spray.

From hair dryers to straighteners and curlers, we’ve got the right styling tools to help you achieve these on trend looks.

2021 Hair Colour Trends

We were taken back 30 years to a style from the 90’s that’s been revamped thanks to Tik Tok – Egirl hair. Think soft pastels or high contrast colours in big streaks around the face or the front of the hair. In a further nod to the era, this look was then pimped with butterfly clips and scrunchies.

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But it wasn’t just the Egirls having all the fun this year. Platinum blonde was on trend in a big way, despite the high-maintenance of the colour and the frequency – or lack thereof – that we could get to a salon this year.

Then there were those who embraced the grey tones that emerged from months in lockdown. Whether it was from lack of access to their regular colourist or a reduced need (or desire) for upkeep, grey hair had a moment this year and we think it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Keep your blonde and silver tones shiny between salon visits with shampoo, conditioner, and treatments specifically for blonde and grey hair.

Hair Trend Predictions for 2022

If you’ve been growing your hair this year, you’ll be happy to know that length will play a big part in 2022’s hair trends. But the key will be to cut in long layers to update your look, add movement and break up the bulk. Talk to your stylist about the best lengths for your face and hair, but we suggest starting your layers below your jawline or even your shoulders.

But we’re leaving damaged hair in 2021, so give your hair some TLC before choosing a fresh look for the new year with our range of hair products for damaged hair.

Keep your long hair healthy and hydrated with haircare products for dry hair. Your hair will thank you with strong, shiny strands.

If you’d rather have a fresh start in 2022, cut it short with a crop. This is a look that so many can pull off and is really low maintenance for different types of hair.

A happy middle ground between long layers and a crop is the French bob. This blunt cut above your chin will be so on trend in 2022. Pair the wedge style with bangs for effortless chic.

Whatever your length, up the ante with a fringe. Sideswept bangs, long cut, cut to the side that you part your hair – no matter the style, a fringe will get you through 2022!

And curls are set to stick around, with effortless curls the go-to in 2022. If you’re embracing your natural curl pattern, we have all the curly girl-approved hair products you need to help maintain your natural curls.

Hair Colour Trends for 2022

When it comes to colour, 2022 will carry on where 2021 leaves off, but with less maintenance and more sophistication. Think creamy blondes warmed up with midlights, and solid base colours close to your natural colour to avoid noticeable regrowth.

Get ahead of the game and perfect your blonde look by exploring our recommendations for the best purple shampoo for blondes.

We’ll also see face-framing highlights that are less Egirl and more Beyonce. Get this look with complimentary highlights in a more natural colour around your face. It’ll add a lighter touch to your hair without the full foil commitment.

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